State-of-the-art technology and the experience of over three decades: The possibilities of digital post-production of image and sound at CINE PLUS are almost unlimited, both technically and creatively:
CINE PLUS makes itself independent of image resolution (UHD/4K/8K), frame rate (HFR) or the colour-range or dynamic range (HCG/HDR) with the latest standards (including DOLBY VISION®) and breaks boundaries in sound design and mixing thanks to contemporary surround technology (DOLBY ATMOS®).
CINE PLUS uses AI technology for all possible steps in the post production process on the one hand, while creating fully virtual moving image content with generative AI on the other hand.
The range of classical post-production services alt CINE PLUS extends from network-connected video-editing-workstations (shared storage and shared projects via SAN) to visual effects (VFX), animation (CGI), motion graphics design (GFX) and colour grading in 4K cinema or audio editing, sound design and surround mixing to mastering, production of digital broadcast files (MXF/IMF), cinema screening copies (DCP) or master files and archiving (LTO) –all in accordance with certified broadcaster- and streamer-standards, for which CINE PLUS each has references, audits and/or vendor approvals.


With over 150 SAN-connected non-linear video editing systems throughout Germany, CINE PLUS offers the perfect environment for contemporary picture editing. Whether it is the complete post-production of a high-end series/TV-Show, a feature film for theatrical us or editing of a TV-magazine-feature, the many years of experience and the high degree of specialisation guarantee an efficient workflow and ensure the highest level of quality.

CINE PLUS has extensive editing resources at its disposal. In this way, even complex projects can be realised with a high production throughput. The technology is available to you nationwide at all locations as well as mobile.

  • Over 150 editing systems
  • Avid Media Composer systems (Ultimate/Enterprise)
  • Avid Symphony
  • Adobe Premiere
  • over 15 Avid Shared Storage Systems (NEXIS), some with over 256 TB of storage space
  • Avid Collaboration Systems (EDGE) with web accesses
  • Avid Cloud Editing Systems (Edit on Demand)

A central storage server structure (SAN) ensures the optimised interaction of video editing, audio postproduction, colour grading and VFX/CGI/GFX, guaranteeing a smooth, interactive workflow at all times.


Digital Dailies

  • Data Check
  • Quality Check 
  • Set-Report
  • Processing for Offline
  • First Light / Dailies Grading
  • Online-Rushes with Browser/App
  • Backups

Digital Intermediate

  • Online/Conforming
  • Color Grading
  • Integration of VFX/CGI/GFX e.g. title animations
  • Image Enhancement (Degrain, Denoise, Descratch, Stabilize etc.)


  • Video Mastering (HD Limiting/Legalizing)
  • Video File Mastering (IMF, MXF)
  • Cinema Mastering (DCDM, DKDM, DCP)
  • Tape Mastering (LTO, HDCAM SR etc.)
  • Disc Mastering (Blu-ray etc.)
  • Master Quality Check
  • Archiving


  • DaVinci RESOLVE
  • Filmlight BASELIGHT
  • DVS Clipster
  • BARCO 4K projectors in DCI-Standard
  • Foundry NUKE
  • Autodesk MAYA
  • Autodesk FLAME
  • PFclean, PFtrack
  • Avid NEXIS SANs


CINE PLUS offers optimal possibilities for high-quality color grading of (U)HD/4K/8K projects in HDR/HFR/HCG. Among others, more than 10 color grading theatres and suites with DAVINCI RESOLVE systems with large panels and multiple GPU acceleration are available. Daily rushes are processed on more than 20 additional DAVINCI RESOLVE systems.

CINE PLUS thus has a closed service chain from on-set grading to the master file (DCDM/DCP/MXF/IMF etc.).

A central server structure (SAN) ensures the optimised interaction of video editing, audio postproduction, color grading and VFX/CGI/motion graphics, guaranteeing a smooth workflow at all times.

In our grading cinemas, CINE PLUS also offers world-class  color grading with 4K digital projectors in DCI standard. The systems enable a true “What You See Is What You Get” thanks to adapted color profiles for all exploitation.


  • BARCO 4K Digital Cinema Standard (DCI) projectors
  • DAVINCI RESOLVE systems with GPU acceleration and SONY UHD/HDR class 1 monitors
  • all feed formats (DCDM, DCP, HDCAM SR, Blu-ray etc.) possible
  • screen (6.6m) with Cinemascope cache
  • High-quality seating with cinema chairs (40 seats)
  • Cinema standard Dolby Surround audio system


Many years of experience, the highest level of creativity, passion and the latest generation of systems are the prerequisites for successful visual effects (VFX), computer-generated animations (3D/CGI), contemporary film title design and motion graphics (GFX) for cinema and home entertainment. It is not only classic tricks such as fire/explosions, water, smoke and artificial worlds (set extensions or virtual backlot) that are created in our visual effect suites: The results of an efficient use of visual effects are often characterised by the fact that they are truly undetectable, as they are used to avoid unnecessary effort on set instead of stage construction, stunts, special effects, etc. They are the result of comprehensive consultation as early as the pre-production stage: at CINE PLUS you will find competent specialists who can answer all your questions about visual effects or compositing, 2D/3D animation, film title design and motion graphics.



  • The Foundry NUKE
  • Autodesk FLAME
  • Adobe Creative Suite (AFTER EFFECTS etc.)
  • PFtrack/PFclean


  • Autodesk MAYA
  • Autodesk 3DS MAX
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • VRay
  • Redshift


With more than 25 years of experience, CINE PLUS acts as a full-service provider and thus also covers the entire spectrum of sound post-production. Whether premium VOD series, cinema or TV feature films, whether commercials or audio commentaries, whether audio guides or podcasts – we offer you all services from sound editing and restoration to foley and voice recordings to the final (theatrical) mix, either bundled or individually on request.

A team of experienced project managers, supervisors, editors, sound designers, sound engineers, recording and mixing engineers is available for consultation, planning, realisation and handling of projects.

Based on our experience, CINE PLUS has always optimised its management-procedures, thus ensures that even complex projects run smoothly. For example, the direct networking with all departments of the house guarantees the simple exchange of image and sound data and thus a highly efficient workflow.

Re-Recording Stages:

Home Entertainment Sourround Mixing (also in DOLBY ATMOS®)

In our in-house sourround mixing studios, our experienced mixing engineers go to work and create a coherent mix from the various components – whether for TV, DVD/Blu-ray, audio books, commercials or radio – we combine all the advantages of a modern mixing studio with technical and artistic perfection.

Theatrical Re-Recording Stage:

Our Dolby-certified partner studio provides pre- and main mixes for cinema films in Dolby Digital 7.1, EX and Dolby SR sound formats, as well as mixes for trailers and commercials. Whether 2K/4K or 35 mm projection – you determine the framework conditions.

Sound & Dialogue Editing:

O-sound and dialogue editing means more than just “cleaning up” the O-sound recorded on set. Rather, it is about preserving the natural sound, selecting the perfect takes and embedding the subsequent speech sync.

Voice Recording:
ADR (speech sync).

Not every film has the perfect original sound and not every actor succeeds in creating the right dramaturgy during the shoot. In our 16m² studio and the connected dubbing control room with line of sight, this can be corrected without any problems. Air conditioning and daylight provide a pleasant working atmosphere. All microphones of your choice are available upon request.


Whether reportage, documentary, advertising, radio, audio book, DVD production or podcast – with the use of the probably best-known Neumann microphone, the U 87, we put your speaker in the right “light”.


We work with several renowned Foley studios and select the one best suited to your requirements and project.


Did the technology play a trick on you during the shoot and the sound is almost unusable? Give our restoration specialists a chance. Whether a defective microphone, noisy or crackling recordings, old tapes; leave it to our professionals to make the best out of your recordings. Many years of experience and helpful tools such as the Cedar DNS One or the iZotope RX Bundle set us apart.

Sound Services:

  • Dolby E and AC-3 (Dolby Digital) encoding/decoding
  • Sound conversion/adaptation NTSC, PAL, film
  • Sound feedback to almost all common tape formats
  • Quality control / technical testing
  • Supervision of projects with complicated re-cuts and transfers from system platforms
  • Measurement according to EBU – R128


The comprehensive technical equipment of the AV transfer service at CINE PLUS covers practically every conceivable format combination:

  • Transfer of all video and audio formats
  • Creation, copying/duplication and control of SD/HD, UHD/HDR and DCDM/DCP masters in accordance with current international (TV, VOD, etc.) guidelines
  • Quality control, quality assurance, fault localisation or elimination, restoration
  • Cross conversion/standard conversion: 23.98p | 24p | 29.97p | 30p | 59.94i | 60i | 25p | 50i etc.
  • Format conversion/re-framing: 1:2,35 (Cinemascope) | 16:9 | 9:16 | 1:1 | 4:3 | 4:3 Letterbox
  • DVD/Blu-ray mastering and mass copying
  • Scanning (2K/4K/HDR) and recording (ARRILASER2) of 35mm/16mm film
  • Encoding for any digital exploitation channels (Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc.)
  • TV recordings in all common formats (over 250 national and international programmes)
  • Worldwide delivery with scheduled delivery (overnight, next day, direct delivery)
  • Worldwide digital delivery (Peach | AdStream | Cloud etc.) via redundant optical fibre

These services are available for the following video and audio formats, among others:


NON-MEDIUM-BASED: z.B. MXF | IMF | DCP | DCDM | PRORES | DNxHD | MPEG | H.264/265 | HEVC | AVCHD | XAVC | XDCAM HD/EX | AVC-Intra | P2 | Quicktime | AVI etc.

MEDIUM-BASED: z.B. 35mm/16mm Film | HDCAM SR | HDCAM | XDCAM HD | DVCPROHD | HD D5 | HDV | XDCAM | Digital Betacam | MPEG IMX | Betacam SP/SX | DVCPRO50 | DVCPRO25 | DVCAM | MiniDV | D1 | D2 | D5 | D9 | Umatic | SVHS | VHS | Digi8 | Hi8 | DTRS(DA-88) | (A)DAT | DVD | Blu-ray | CD | MD etc.