As a full-service film agency and classic film production company, CINE PLUS puts ideas and concepts into the right "frame", both visually and in terms of content:

The spectrum of creative work from over 25 years of experience in the production of audiovisual media ranges from high-quality information-, advertising-, explanatory- and image-films to documentaries and TV-magazines to short informativ contributions by our videographers. CINE PLUS has also been able to create a diverse portfolio as a producer and co-producer of feature films and documentaries for theatrical and home entertainment.

In the "Innovative Media Production" segment, CINE PLUS also offers complete solutions for e-learning applications and special interest channels as well as the conception and production of content and control for interactive media in the areas of business, brand experience, trade fairs, museums, etc.

Imagine & Explain

CINE PLUS focuses on contemporary storytelling and alway takes into account, that the exploitation of content in different media-channels needs individual approach. 

An huge team of experienced producers, authors, directors etc. develops creative concepts for sophisticated audiovisual communication. The many years of experience of all those involved and the excellently developed network of partners guarantee production reliability in Germany, Europe and abroad.

The team at CINE PLUS offers a deep experience in all different ways of motion-picture-production, be it documentary, fictional, animated film, 3D animation or elaborate motion-graphics design. Another speciality of CINE PLUS is the field of “documercial”, the combination of documentary narration with first-class images:

“Through our experience in the documentary film sector, we give your film that very special touch: at the same time, documentary credibility and high visual quality. This is how we produce small and large films for authorities and institutions, renowned brands and advertising agencies, museums and cultural institutions, industrial clients and TV stations from Arkansas to Zwickau.”

Many German and European companies, institutions and authorities have bound themselves to CINE PLUS with framework contracts, including the “Publications Office” as the central authority of the European Union and the “Kaufhaus des Bundes” for the Federal Republic of Germany.