No matter where. No matter when. Regardless of the scope and complexity of your projects, at CINE PLUS you will find high-end technologies and the know-how for the technical equipment and implementation of information events and discussion panels, corporate events, talks, shareholders' meetings, trade fairs & congresses, presentations as well as concerts, shows, parties, sporting events and television productions - whether live and on site or "virtually" via streaming!


And those who can’t be there on site…

…watch from afar!


And if the event suddenly can’t take place on site…

…we move it to the Internet!


The solution: streaming events and/or staging “virtual events”.


CINE PLUS has built up extensive expertise in live streaming, be it the simple “extension” of public events to the Internet through the transmission of video, audio and sometimes also text content (sometimes with mobile control rooms), or the live production of events that have to take place completely without an audience and with interlocutors connected via stream:

CINE PLUS has the experience and the various technologies for high-quality real-time encoding for a wide range of bandwidths and qualitative requirements, for stationary and for mobile video streaming connections (e.g. via eightfold bundled LTE uplinks), for worldwide technically unrestricted reception via access to corresponding edge server technologies (individual local streaming servers also available in parallel) and for the most diverse requirements from the simplest scenarios with a singular image and sound source to complex staging similar to a live television production with several (remote) cameras, diverse audio sources, live subtitling, etc.


Especially during the pandemic, CINE PLUS was able to prove that it could smoothly handle a wide variety of parallel live streaming projects and deliver each event to the desired channels (client’s homepage, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


In the field of event production service and event venue support, CINE PLUS ensures through its competent project managers and experienced technicians that unforgettable events are professionally staged with contemporary technical solutions and in accordance with the latest safety standards.

As a reliable service provider in the field of event technology, CINE PLUS supports events worldwide with personnel and competence as well as with material and service, regardless of whether it is a large-scale or a small-scale event.


The comprehensive pool of resources ensures constant availability as well as production reliability and cost efficiency for the implementation of the most diverse concepts.


  • Intensive consulting and support for the creative planning process by specialised staff from a wide range of technology and content areas
  • Tailor-made conception and coherent technology concept
  • Professional planning (engineers/draftsmen/architects)
  • Experienced specialist staff for smooth set-up and dismantling
  • Event support and supervision by experienced technicians and experienced project management.


Mediatecture combines time, space, architecture and (media) technology. Because of its many years of experience and professional know-how in this field, CINE PLUS is the perfect partner for the conception of even the most demanding projects, whether for museums or art installations, CINE PLUS has worked with a wide variety of renowned institutions and artists.

As a creative technical service provider, CINE PLUS not only offers standardised solutions, but the specialised staff also manufactures custom-made products according to the customer’s wishes in its own workshops. Due to the special competence, high flexibility and experience, many complex projects of renowned customers in the fields of art, exhibition, edutainment, event, stage show, trade fair, brand world and interactive special solutions could be implemented.