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Sony SRW-5800

Sony HDCAM-SR VTRs - the RGB 4:4:4 full-bandwidth high-definition VTRs at the top of the Sony HD VTR lineup - have been well received, especially in movie-making, commercial productions, and high-end television production applications, due to their unprecedented picture quality and system functionalities.

As HD-based programme origination has become more commonplace, demand has steadily escalated for increased levels of quality criteria: even more video bit rates, higher frame rates, and greater format flexibility.

Mass 30 kg
Power Requirements 100V-240V, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 380 Watt
Operating Temperature 5°-40°
Dimensions 427(W)×218(H)×544(D) mm
Humidity 25% - 80 %
Recording Format HDCAM-SR

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